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MODO scenes are basically collections of items- Cameras, Lights, Meshes, Locators, etc. Users tell MODO what particular item they wish to edit through the selection of these items (sometimes referred to as layers). When selected, their associated attributes appear in an 'Properties' viewport panel where users can manipulate their values directly. For information on a specific Item, click on any of the link options below to be directed to the proper page- (yellow boxes connect to alternate documentation locations)

Item Reference Constraints Deformers
Cube Icon Scene Item Cube Icon Hinge Cube Icon Bend Effector Sphere Icon Vortex Effector
Ellipsoid Icon Backdrop Cube Icon Pin Capsule Icon Curve Effector Sphere Icon Weight Container
Capsule Icon Camera Item Cube Icon Point Capsule Icon Lag Effector Sphere Icon Wrap Influence
Sphere Icon Mesh Item Cube Icon Slide-Hinge Capsule Icon Lattice Effector  
Cone Icon Static Mesh Cube Icon Spring Sphere Icon Magnet Effector  
Cylinder Icon Instance Item   Sphere Icon Morph Influence  
Falloffs Forces Lights
Ellipsoid Icon Bezier Falloff Ellipsoid Icon Curve Force Ellipsoid Icon Vortex Force Icon Directional Light Area Light
Ellipsoid Icon Capsule Falloff Ellipsoid Icon Drag Force Ellipsoid Icon Wind Force Icon Directional Light Cylinder Light
Torus Icon Linear Falloff Ellipsoid Icon Linear Force   Icon Directional Light Directional Light
Torus Icon Radial Falloff Ellipsoid Icon Radial Force   Icon Directional Light Dome Light
Ellipsoid Icon Spline Falloff Ellipsoid Icon Turbulence Force   Icon Directional Light Photometric Light
Lights Locators Particles Particle Modifiers
Icon Directional Light Point Light Torus Icon Group Locator Capsule Icon Replicator Item Ellipsoid Icon Audio
Icon Directional Light Portal Ellipsoid Icon Locator Cone Icon CSV Point Cache Ellipsoid Icon Expression
Icon Directional Light Spot Light Torus Icon Texture Locator Cone Icon Particle Cloud Ellipsoid Icon Look-At
    Ellipsoid Icon Particle Generator Ellipsoid Icon Particle Modifier
    Cylinder Icon Realflow Particles Ellipsoid Icon Random
    Capsule Icon Surface Particles Ellipsoid Icon Sieve
      Ellipsoid Icon Step
Particle Simulation Procedural Volumes
Ellipsoid Icon Collector/Emitter Ellipsoid Icon Particle Simulation Solid Sketch Icon Fractal Gasket Solid Sketch Icon Blob
Ellipsoid Icon Curve Emitter Ellipsoid Icon Radial Emitter Text Tool Icon Gear Solid Sketch Icon Ground Plane
Ellipsoid Icon Dynamic Collider Ellipsoid Icon Source Emitter Ellipsoid Icon Proxy Solid Sketch Icon Render Boolean
Ellipsoid Icon Dynamic Fluid Ellipsoid Icon Surface Emitter Vertex Tool Icon RPC Mesh Solid Sketch Icon Sprite
Ellipsoid Icon Particle Flocking Ellipsoid Icon Terminator   Solid Sketch Icon Volume
Ellipsoid Icon Particle Operator      
Cone Icon Bezier Node Cone Icon Channel Handle Cone Icon Dynamic Col. Emit. Cone Icon Dynamic Replicator





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