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Effectors are a means to affect a target item, generally a Mesh layer, deforming it in specific ways. The 'Wrap Effector' when assigned, allows users to create a custom, low resolution cage as a proxy to deform the associated mesh. Typically the cage will approximate the shape of the target mesh layer, making it easier to manipulate and control. Once assigned, the Control cage can then be animated by way of other deformers, such as with Joints or Morphs to produce the final animated results.

Applying an Effector

Before applying a Wrap Deformer, user will need both a target mesh that is to be deformed, contained in its own Item layer, and a secondary low resolution proxy mesh that will act as the deformation cage, also in its own layer. When applying the Wrap Effector, the target mesh first needs to be selected. Once these requirements are met, applying the Wrap Effector to the target Mesh is done in the 'Setup' workspace layout, under the 'Deformers' toolbox subtab, LMB+click the 'Wrap' deformer assign button in the toolbox, opening the 'Create Wrap Deformer' dialog-


In this dialog the user defines the low resolution proxy mesh as the 'Cage Mesh' and then defines the 'Precision' value, which is used to compute the weight values for binding the cage to the target. Bigger precision values will generate more accurate weights for deforming the target, but will also take longer to calculate, so don't set this value too high. Once the options are set, LMB+click the 'OK' button to assign the cage deformer.

Once assigned, users can add any additional deformer types to the proxy cage mesh item and animate them in order to then deform the high resolution target mesh. Users can select the 'Wrap Effector' item itself (in the 'Items List' or 'Deformers' viewports) and adjust its attributes found in the 'Properties' viewport.

Bend EffectorWrap Influence--

Enable: Toggles the effect of the layer on or off. When unchecked (disabled), the layer has no influence on the scene. However, disabled layers are still saved with the scene and its values are persistent across MODO sessions.

Precision: The 'Precision' value determines the accuracy of the weight maps generated that connect the low resolution proxy mesh to the high resolution target, which in turn affects the deformation quality. Changing this value will trigger a reevaluation of the weights for the associated items. Note that higher values may take longer to calculate, possibly much longer depending on the number of vertices in the proxy mesh.





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FLS Eugene May 2, 2014 at 12:14 AM

This is for initial 801 release at least, the cage mesh must not have any holes and should be a solid mesh structure. One option to see the cage as edges, is to make the material transparent or set the Active or Inactive layers to wireframe by press 'O'


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