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Deforming any Item in MODO is applied through a variety of means, mainly using 'Effectors' that provide instructions on how to deform a target, and Influences that determines what it is to be deformed. Deformers are applied to items in the usual way, by selecting the target Item and the LMB+clicking on the desired deformer in the toolbox, automatically linking the elements together. Advanced users may prefer to manually add elements in the Deformers vieweport and connect them through the Schematic view. Select from any of the links below to be directed to the documentation page for a particular Deformer.

Cube Icon Bend Effector Sphere Icon Lattice Effector Sphere Icon Slack Effector Sphere Icon Vortex Effector
Sphere Icon Bezier Effector Sphere Icon Magnet Effector Sphere Icon Spline Effector Sphere Icon Wrap Deformer
Capsule Icon Lag Effector Sphere Icon Rotation Effector Sphere Icon Transform Effector  
Capsule Icon Gen. Influence Capsule Icon Item Influence Capsule Icon MDD Influence Sphere Icon Morph Influence



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