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Deformer Falloffs

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Falloffs serve a variety of functions relating to deforming Items and meshes. They can be used to attenuate the affects of Deformers on a mesh, much like modeling Falloffs do for tools. They can be used as Deformers as well, defining an area of influence that then modulates the surface based on the Falloffs shape and size. Additionally, they can be used to limit how global Forces act upon dynamic items in a Dynamics simulation which includes influnece over Particle simulations as well. Falloffs are applied to the target based on their intended function. Select from any of the links below to be directed to the documentation page for a particular Falloff.

Cube Icon Capsule Falloff Capsule Icon Linear Falloff Sphere Icon Radial Falloff Sphere Icon Spline Falloff
      Sphere Icon Bezier Falloff



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