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Slicing and dicing isn't only for late night infomercial; MODO also offers a variety of different tools to divide geometry in an assortment of ways. Necessary in reshaping existing surfaces, the various slicing functions provide means to add additional geometry to any area of a surface lacking in polygonal density. The Boolean and Drill options provide means to shape forms by way of adding and subtracting simple shapes into more complex ones. The subdivide commands provide a simple option to increase overall density across a mesh for a multitude of reasons, including MODO's many sculpting functions. For information on using a specific tool, click on any of the link options below to be directed to the proper page.

Slice Edit Other
Cube Icon Slice Ellipsoid Icon Axis Slice Sketch Icon Booleans Sketch Icon Cut/Copy/Paste
Sphere Icon Curve Slice Ellipsoid Icon Julienne Bezier Icon Solid Drill Sketch Icon Delete/Remove
Cone Icon Edge Slice Ellipsoid Icon Topology Pen Curve Icon Drill Sketch Icon Mesh Cleanup
Cylinder Icon Pen Slice Sphere Icon Contour Curve Icon Subdivide  
Torus Icon Loop Slice Sketch Icon Shatter    




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