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Duplicating Geometry

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Often times, it is the details that make for compelling objects; MODO's toolbox excels in easing this frequent requirement. Providing a variety of cloning and array tools, producing multitudes of seemingly complex forms from basic geometry. Popular functions like Radial Sweep and Bridge provide simple ways extend and shape a surface very quickly. Extrusions fill out MODO's toolbox providing a diverse set of options for generating and extending existing geometry, making it easy to take the simple and make it complex. For information on using a specific tool, click on any of the link options below to be directed to the proper page.

Duplicate Geometry
Cube Icon Radial Sweep Torus Icon Curve Extrude Ellipsoid Icon Curve Clone Pen Icon Array
Sphere Icon Sketch Extrude Torus Icon Bezier Extrude Ellipsoid Icon Bezier Clone Sketch Icon Radial Array
Cone Icon Mirror Torus Icon Pen Extrude Ellipsoid Icon Pen Clone Bezier Icon Mesh Paint
Cylinder Icon Bridge   Tube Icon Scatter Clone Curve Icon Paste Tool
    Teapot Icon Clone Curve Icon Duplicate




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