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Deforming Geometry

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MODO's various deform tools offer users the means to produce soft organic deformations such as with Soft Move and Sculpt or even hard mechanical forms with Shear and Bend. Many of MODO's deforming tools are hybrid tools combining functions of Action Centers, Falloffs and Transforms into a single tool. These tools come complements of the 'Toolpipe', a function of MODO that allows users to make their own tools from a combination of functions. Any way you look at it though, these tools offer a wide array of options to contort and otherwise shape the geometry into any form the user wishes. For information on using a specific tool, click on any of the link options below to be directed to the proper page.

Deform Tools Rotate Deform Scale Deform
Cube Icon Element Move Tube Icon Quantize Pen Icon Twist Solid Sketch Icon Push
Sphere Icon Flex Tube Icon Symmetry Tool Sketch Icon Bend Text Tool Icon Sculpt
Cone Icon Soft Move Cone Icon Soft Sel. Move Bezier Icon Vortex Vertex Tool Icon Taper
Cylinder Icon Soft Drag Cone Icon Soft Sel. Rotate Curve Icon Swirl Patch Tool Icon Bulge
Capsule Icon Shear Cone Icon Soft Sel. Scale   Patch Tool Icon Flare
Torus Icon Smooth Cone Icon Soft Sel. Transform    
Ellipsoid Icon Jitter      



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