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Push PanelThe Push tool is a Deformation tool that simply moves the selected geometry along the selected item's normals.

The Push tool can be found on the Deform tab of the MODO Tools toolbar, or on the menu bar by choosing Edit > Deform > Push.

The Push tool can be applied interactively by clicking in the viewport to activate the tool, then LMB dragging to increase the push distance. The tool can also be adjusted numerically with the Push Distance in the Tool Properties form. If the tool has not been activated (usually done by clicking in the 3D viewport) you must click 'Apply' after setting the value numerically (You can also right-click the Push entry in the Tool Pipe, and choose Apply Tool). This is a useful method when working with meshes that are very dense as it avoids interactive adjustments.


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Chris Offner September 22, 2014 at 8:44 AM

It seems this page doesn't explain what the "Selection Normals" checkbox does. It's also not depicted in the image above.


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