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The Paste tool allows you to quickly stamp down copies of any geometry currently in the clipboard buffer. Activating the tool will initially create a "live" copy of the geometry in the clipboard. At this time the copied materials can be edited using standard tool handles for position (Center) and scale (Size). Additionally the Paste Tool offers options for Bias X,Y and Z so that the mesh can be shifted inside the handles.

Options for the Paste tool include Center XYZ, Size XYZ and Bias XYZ.

Paste Tool PanelCenter XYZ: The center triplet allows precise numeric placement of the center position of the paste tool handles. You can interactively set the center position by dragging the center handle in the 3D edit viewport, or you can enter the numeric position directly in the property form.

Size XYZ: The size settings allow you to scale the original clipboard mesh interactively with the tool handles or numerically via the tool properties form. The size setting is entered as a percentage value where 100% equals the original size of the geometry in the clipboard.

Bias XYZ: This triplet allows you to shift the mesh inside the tool handle cage. This is very useful when you want to paste a mesh onto existing geometry such as pasting rivets on to a mechanical model. By default the paste mesh is centered on the tool handles. As a result, if you were to paste the mesh with the center handle constrained to existing mesh the pasted mesh would be inset into the existing geometry. Using the Bias control you can easily shift the mesh so that it rests on the center handle rather than being centered on it.



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