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The Julienne tool will create multiple evenly spaced slices that can be positioned interactively in the 3D viewport, with resulting geometry that contains inner faces. The number of slices and their positions are determined by the Number and Offset values. The 'Offset' value can be edited interactively by dragging the mouse in the 3D viewport. This tool is useful for quickly dicing up a mesh with uniform slices.

Using the Julienne Tool

The Julienne Tool is found in the modeling toolbox of the 'Model' and 'Model Quad' interface tabs, under the 'Mesh Edit' subtab. The Julienne tool is mainly meant to be used interactively, once the tool icon is clicked, LMB+click and drag in the 3D viewport. The initial click position will set the origin of the tool, this will be relative to the Work Plane, dragging determines the offset. By interactively adjusting the offset location, by hauling in the viewport (off handle dragging), users can adjust the final angle and positions of the slices.

Axis Slice PanelLinear Generator--

Number of Clones: This option determines the total number of possible slices, though depending on the origin and 'Offset' positions, not all the slices will intersect with target mesh.

Offset X/Y/Z: Determines the distance from the initial origin as an 'Offset', this either determines the second slice in the arrangement of slices, or the final slice when the 'Between' option is enabled.

Size X/Y/Z: Determines the scaling of the cutting planes.

Rotate X/Y/Z: Determines the rotations of the cutting planes.

Between: When the 'Between' option is enabled, the slicing planes will be evenly spaced between the origin and the 'Offset' position, when disabled, the cutting planes will extend beyond the 'Offset'.

Angle Snap: When enabled, the tool will gently snap when the angle is close to the value specified.

Angle: Only applies when the 'Angle Snap' option is enabled, specifies the Angle where snapping occurs.

Cleaver Effector--
The 'Cleaver Effector' cuts apart geometry using a series of recursive booleans. When used with an associated generator in the tool pipe, (such as the Linear Generator) the randomness options are ignored.

Preview Only: To speed up the interactivity of the tool, the default 'Preview Only' option won't actually cut the geometry, instead offering a simplified GL preview of the final cuts. Disable this option prior to dropping the tool to actually create the cuts.

Random Seed: Determines the initial value for the random number generator, each producing its own unique results.

Randomness: Determines the strength of the jitter values applied to the cutting planes, when not used with a generator.

Gap: Determines the thickness of the cutting planes. This will be the amount of space between surfaces after the cut is complete.

Inner Material: Users can define a name here and it will be applied as a 'Material' tag to the interior cut areas of the mesh.

Max. Cutting Planes: Maximum number of total cutting planes.

Fragment Scale: These scale factors control the relative separation of the planes in the various dimensions. When not used with a generator, this option can be used to make chunks that are long and thin or flat instead of roughly cubic.



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