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The 'Cut', 'Copy' and 'Paste' commands work together allowing users to easily move geometry from one layer or scene to another, or to easily duplicate geometry within the same layer. These options work by holding the geometry in an internal MODO specific buffer called the clipboard. The 'Cut' and 'Copy' commands places data into the clipboard, and the 'Paste' command pulls it out.


The 'Cut' and 'Copy' commands will insert whatever is currently selected (determined by the current 'Selection Mode') and hold it in the clipboard until MODO is exited or another 'Cut' or 'Copy' operation overwrites what is currently held in the clipboard (there is only one clipboard). The 'Paste' operation will place whatever is held in the clipboard into the current mesh layer, regardless of the selection mode, so if vertices were cut to the clipboard, they wont magically be converted to polygons if pasted into a layer while in 'Polygons' mode. Although when 'Edges' are selected and Cut or Copied, they will be Pasted as a string of polylines or two-point polygons and not true edges (as edges cannot exist by themselves without a polygon). These elements can be selected in both Edges mode and Polygons mode.

Moving Geometry from Multiple Layers into a Single Layer--

1) In the 'Item List' hold down the 'Ctrl' key and select multiple mesh item layers by LMB+clicking on each of their layer names.
2) In the 3D viewport, paint or marquee select around the target geometry.
3) Use the menu bar command "Edit > Cut" or press 'Ctr/Cmd-x' on the keyboard to Cut the selection. This moves the geometry from the scene into the clipboard.
4) To paste this data into another layer or scene, simply select the target Mesh item layer in the appropriate scene and use the menu bar command "Edit > Paste" or press 'Ctrl/Cmd-v'. If you retain the original selection of Item layers, all geometry when pasted will be inserted into the top most selected layer.

Duplicating Geometry in the Same Layer--

1) In the 3D viewport select the component elements you wish to duplicate either with the paint or marquee selection.
2) Use the menu bar command "Edit > Copy" or press 'Ctrl/Cmd-c' on the keyboard to copy the selection into the internal memory buffer
3) Activate one of the transform tools- Move, Rotate or Scale ('w', 'e' or 'r' keys on the keyboard respectively) and transform the selection in the desired fashion.
4) Next Paste the original selection back into its initial position or orientation by using the menu bar command "Edit > Paste" or press 'Ctrl/Cmd-v'. You can then repeat steps 2-4 to continue to make subsequent duplicates.


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