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Shader Tree Item Layers

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Every new scene in MODO, by default, provides a few basic shader tree layers to get users started. The 'Material' Item "material icon" created when users assign a material tag is sufficient for many surfacing tasks, however, for reproducing more complex surfaces, additional shader items will eventually need to be added, such as applying a bitmap image to produce the label on a can of soda.

The following items may be added to any scene from within the shader tree viewport, by LMB-clicking the 'Add Layer' option of the full viewport window and selecting an item from the pop-up context menu. For information regarding adding and otherwise working with Shader Tree Items Layers, please reference the Shader Tree page of the documentation. Click the name to view each items specific documentation page--

Shader Tree Items
Ellipsoid Icon Folder E:MODO Textures Render Outputs Pen Icon Gabor Noise
Torus Icon Group Solid Sketch Icon Texture Samples Tube Icon Render Output Curve Icon Grid
Torus Icon Material Image Map Special Bezier Icon Noise
Custom Materials Torus Icon Image Map Ellipsoid Icon Fur Material Bezier Icon Poisson Cells
Cube Icon Cel Edges Processing Teapot Icon MatCaps Sketch Icon Ripples
Cube Icon Cel Material Cube Icon Constant Teapot Icon Shader Sketch Icon RPC Texture
Cone Icon Hair Material Sphere Icon Gradient Teapot Icon Surface Generator Sketch Icon RT Curvature
Cube Icon Halftone Material Cone Icon Occlusion Textures Sketch Icon Weave
Cube Icon Iridescent Material Cylinder Icon Process Teapot Icon Cellular Solid Sketch Icon Wood
Cone Icon Skin Material Cylinder Icon Variations Texture Teapot Icon Checker Texture Locator
Cone Icon Thin Film Material Capsule Icon Weight Texture Pen Icon Dots Vertex Tool Icon Texture Locator



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