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Channel Modifiers

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Channel modifiers provide users different ways to procedurally control elements by overriding or modifying channels values as they are fed into other nodes in a schematic graph. Channels modifiers provide general purpose functionality by modifying raw channel values in various ways. Channel Modifiers can be added to a scene in the 'Modifiers' toolbox subtab of the 'Setup' interface layout. Users can also use the 'Add' button found directly in the Schematic view. Click on any of the links below to be directed to the appropriate page of the documentation. Additional Channel Modifiers specific to Shading are found in the Shading and Rendering section of the documentation.

Channels Matrix Time Other
Sphere Icon Channel Noise Cube Icon Matrix Blend Sphere Icon Cycler Tube Icon Clamp
Sphere Icon Channel Oscillator Cube Icon Matrix Compose Sphere Icon Time Ellipsoid Icon Dual Joint Planar IK
Sphere Icon Ch. Relationship Cube Icon Matrix Construct Sphere Icon Time Offset Tube Icon Dynamic Parent
Sphere Icon Channel Sound Cube Icon Matrix Euler Sphere Icon Time Warp Tube Icon Expression
Sphere Icon Ch. Waveform Cube Icon Matrix Transpose Vector Tube Icon Linear Blend
Conditional Cube Icon Matrix Vector Cylinder Icon Vector Tube Icon Random
Sphere Icon Logic Measure Cylinder Icon Vec. Magnitude Tube Icon Randomize ID
Math Sphere Icon Measure Angle Cylinder Icon Vector Maths Tube Icon Revolve
Cylinder Icon Basic Math Sphere Icon Measure Distance Probe Tube Icon Simple Kinematics
Cylinder Icon Math Multiple Sphere Icon Measure Speed Sphere Icon Curve Probe Tube Icon Smooth
Ellipsoid Icon Math Sphere Icon Measure Velocity Sphere Icon Falloff Probe Tube Icon Switch
Ellipsoid Icon Trigonometry      



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