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Random Modifier

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Linear BlendRandom Modifier--
The 'Random' modifier generates a random float value within the range defined by the Minimum and Maximum values. If the Minimum channel is greater than the Maximum channel, the channel values will be reversed and the Maximum channel will be used as the Minimum and the Minimum will be used as the Maximum.

Seed: The Seed channel is used to initialize the random number generator. A changing seed value results in a changing random value. Note: Unless the Use Time As Seed channel is turned off, the Seed channel will be ignored.

Use Time as Seed: Specifies whether the scene time is used to seed the random number generator. If this is enabled, a random number will be generated whenever the scene time changes. If it is disabled, the random number will be generated using the Seed channel.

Minimum: Determines the minimum value generated.

Maximum: Determines the maximum value generated.

Output: The 'Output' channel the results of the randomly generated values.

Sample of randomly generated values at the default settings.



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