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Vector Modifiers

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'Vector' modifiers can be used in the creation of vectors, setting their length and normalizing them (same as setting their length to one). A vector is simply a position with both direction and intensity.

Operation: The different available options for the Vector operations are-
None- This simply allows the user to create a vector to connect into other Channel Modifiers or Item channels.
Normalize- Sets the length of the input vector to 1.0.
Set Length- Sets the length of the input vector to the value set in the "Length" channel.

Vector: The XYZ coordinates of the input vector.

Length: Specifies the length of the vector for the "Length" operation.



Vector Magnitude--
The 'Vector: Magnitude' modifier measures the length or magnitude of a vector. There is no specific user interface options specific to the modifier.

Start: The vector that is being measured.

End: An optional set of inputs defining the end points of the vector. This is in case the vector origin is not 0,0,0.

Magnitude: The length of magnitude of the vector.



vectormathVector Maths--
Provides some basic math operations on two input vectors. Note: in the case of the dot product which is a single floating point value the result is written to the first output channel only, i.e. Output X.

Operation: Defines the math operation applied-
Add- Adds the two input vectors.
Cross Product- Outputs a vector that is at right angles to the two input vectors on the plane containing them.
Dot Product- Outputs the cosine of the angle between the two input vectors.
Subtract- Subtracts the input vectors.

Vector A X/Y/Z: X,Y,Z coordinates for vector A.

Vector B X/Y/Z: X,Y,Z coordinates for vector B.








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