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Color HSVSound

The 'Sound' channel modifier uses the amplitude of the source waveform as a channel input value, acting much like the Oscillator channel modifier. The output range is -1.0 to 1.0. This can be multiplied by the 'Scale' option and compensated up or down with the 'Offset' option. An Offset of 1.0 and a Scale of 0.5 will normalize all the value to be above 0 (this is helpful as the output does produce negative values).

Time Shift: Shifts the time for the Audio forwards or backwards, offsetting it in frames. This allows the animation to happen before or after the audio event itself.

Offset: The 'Offset' value determines an amount of compensation, either positive or negative away from the 0 center value.

Scale: The 'Scale' amount acts as a multiplier to the sound output which is limited to float values between -1.0 and 1.0.

Channel: The 'Channel' option selects the particular channel of the incoming audio when more than a single channel is present, such as left and right with a stereo file. '0' represents the left channel and '1' represents the right. For an combination of the both, convert the file to mono in an audio editing application.

Absolute: The 'Absolute' setting converts all the positive and negative output values to positive values.


Sound Mod Sample
The above sample demonstrates a basic use of the 'Sound' channel driving a Morph animations 'Strength' amount.



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