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Channel Waveform

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Color HSVChannel Waveform

The 'Channel Waveform' outputs an oscillating channel value based on the specified waveform type. Waveforms are a graph that shows changes to amplitude over time. These can be considered motion generators for creating regular repeating motions.

Amplitude: The 'Amplitude' controls the maximum output value between the high and low value. A value of "1.0" oscillates between 1.0 and -1.0.

Frequency: The 'Frequency' determines how regular the oscillating motion occurs per second. A value of 1 produces 1 up and down cycle per second, a value of 10 produces 10 cycles per second. Higher values produce a faster oscillation.

Offset: The 'Offset' value determines an amount of compensation, either positive or negative away from the 0 center value.

Type: The 'Type' option defines the particular type of waveform that is generated-

Sine   Saw   Saw   Square

Use Time as Input:In order to produce a result, the waveform needs timing information to base the 'Frequency' value off of. This is typically a 'Time' channel item connected to the Waveform input in the Schematic view. The 'Use Time as Input' allows users to avoid this extra step by generating the time input automatically when enabled.



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