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Some of MODO's tools are specific to the various component types - Vertices, Edges and Polygons. For example, there are three Beveling tools depending on the selection mode, each with its own settings; the 'Edge Bevel' has the rounding option where 'Polygon Bevel' does not. Some of the commands are full-on interactive tools, while others are one shot commands that produce a specific result. Some will be used regularly, and others only in rare situations, however, all of their utility could be considered indispensable. Choose from any of the three component modes above for specific tools related to each. For information on using a specific tool, click on any of the link options below to be directed to the proper page.

Pen Icon Edge Bevel Curve Icon Edge Slide Solid Sketch Icon Spin Edge Solid Sketch Icon Join/Averaged
Sketch Icon Edge Extrude Solid Sketch Icon Add Point Solid Sketch Icon Collapse Solid Sketch Icon Split
Bezier Icon Edge Extend Solid Sketch Icon Add Loop Solid Sketch Icon Remove Solid Sketch Icon Split Normals
      Solid Sketch Icon Grow/Fill Quads



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