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Creating Geometry

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MODO offers a variety of different tools for quickly generating geometry. Primitive items such as Spheres and Cubes are a good way to build basic forms which can then be edited, added to, modified and otherwise molded into the form the users wants using any of the deform or mesh editing tools. Drawn curves are useful for creating wireframe skeletons of a form where patches are then used to define the final surface. Functions like Solid Sketch allow users to explore forms more readily without the need to manipulate specific geometry. For information on using a specific tool, click on any of the link options below to be directed to the proper page.

Primitives Drawing Other
Cube Icon Cube Torus Icon Torus Pen Icon Pen Solid Sketch Icon Solid Sketch
Sphere Icon Sphere Ellipsoid Icon Ellipsoid Curve Icon Curve Text Tool Icon Text
Cone Icon Cone Tube Icon Tube Bezier Icon Bezier Vertex Tool Icon Vertex Tool
Cylinder Icon Cylinder Teapot Icon Teapot Sketch Icon Sketch Vertex Tool Icon Make Polygon
Capsule Icon Capsule   Curve Icon Arc Patch Tool Icon Patch Tool




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