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Utah Teapot

The teapot primitive in included with MODO due to its historical significance. In the early years of 3D modeling and rendering, Martin Newel created a computer generated three dimensional teapot. The original "Utah teapot" was actually taller than the famed teapot we see so many places today. Legend has it that during a demo using a system with non-square pixels Jim Blinn scaled the teapot rather than scaling the image. As this dataset became more widely distributed than the original, his edit changed the aspect of teapots in 3D software for years to come. If you are interested in following teapot lore, simply type "Utah Teapot" into your favorite search engine.
There are also "Alternate" commands assigned to all of the Primitive Tool icons. The alternate commands allow you to CTRL click on the icon to quickly create a unit primitive without interacting with the tool or SHIFT click the icon to create a unit primitive inside a new Mesh Item.

Teapot PanelTeapot--

Position XYZ: Defines the center point for the teapots bounding box.

Size: Defines the overall size of the teapots longest bounding edge.

Axis: This X,Y,Z choice allows you to quickly change the orientation of the primitive.

Make UVs: When this button is active a UV map will be automatically generated for the geometry created with the tool. This is a very useful option if you plan to UV map the model you are creating from the primitive as it provides a baseline UV map that you can massage later in the modeling process. In many cases this can reduce the amount of work required to map the model.



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