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The Text Tool simplifies the process of creating 3D text using system fonts. To use the tool simply choose the desired font, type the text into the "Text" field and click in the 3D viewport to set the start location for the text. The Text tool creates a special polygon of "text" type. These special "text polygons" contain metadata in the form of polygon tags that store all the information about the font used, size, kerning amount, etc. As long as the text remains as this text polygon the text tool can be reactivated with the text polygon selected and any of these attributes can be edited live. When the text polygon is beveled or extruded MODO will convert them to "face" polygons and the text metadata is purged.

Text PanelProperties for the tool include:

Text: Enter the desired text into this field.

Font: This popup choice give access to all fonts installed on the system. The font used for the text string can be changed at anytime using this popup as long as the text remains in the native text polygon type.

Size: Use this value to set a scale for the text.

Tracking: This control allows fine tuning of the space between each letter.

Position XYZ: This XYZ triplet value determines the starting position for the text string in 3D space.

Location: The Location popup choice shifts the position of the font up or down relative to the start location. The options include Bottom, Middle and Top. The default value of Bottom sets the bottom, left most point on the font at the start location. Changing the value to Middle will position the font at it's middle (in height) and the Top setting pushes the font down such that the top-left most point on the font rests at the start location.

Justification: This value adjusts the text position to the right and left. The options include Left, Center and Right. The default value of Left puts the left most edge of the text at the start location. Changing this value to Center will position the text such that the center of the text string rests at the start location. Using the Right option will push the text string to the left so that the right-most edge of the text rests at the start location.

Split: The Split setting determines how many text polygons to create. By default the entire text string is a single text polygon, via the Line setting. Changing this setting to Word will break the string into a single text polygon for each discreet word as determined via the use of spaces. For instance "Hello World" would be two text polygons, one for "Hello" and one for "World". Changing the vale to Character will create a text polygon for each letter in the text string. The Word and Character settings are very useful when combining the text tool with various generators such as Curve or Scatter as they provide better granularity for shaping the text.

Axis: This control determines the direction the text will face.

Flip: This toggle determines the polygon normal direction for the text polygon faces.

Make UVs: When this value is enabled (default) MODO will create a UV map for all polygons created.


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JVaughan June 26, 2014 at 5:01 PM Brad in an older but still relevant video about 3D Text in Modo


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