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Vertex Curvature Baking

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The 'Vertex Curvature Baking' function provides a means for users to generate vertex Weight Maps based on the Concavity or Convexity of of a surface. Surfaces that are Concave are the interior of a curve and those that are convex are on the exterior of a curve (think cave as being inside). The resulting maps produced by this command could be used as mask layers in the Shader Tree, when used in conjunction with the Weight Maps Texture layer. Users may also find it useful to convert the map to another type, such as a 'Vertex Color Map', by using the Vertex Math Tool.

Convexity Baking Dialogue

Vertex Map: This input filed allows users to name the resulting vertex map.

Mode: Users can choose the type of map generated-
Convexity-- Outer areas of surfaces, especially curved.
Concavity-- Inner recessed areas of surfaces.
Both-- Generates map for both Convex and Concave surfaces.

Multiplier: This is a multiplier value to control the strength of the final result. If map seem too weak or strong, modifying this value will proportionally adjust all values in the map.

Clamp: This toggle, when enabled, clamps all values in the generated map to greater than 0, so there are no negative weight values.

Use Edge Weight: Strengthens edge values.

To view any of the resulting Weight Maps, users need to set the viewport display option to 'Vertex Map' and then choose the named map from the 'Lists' viewport. When generating multiple maps, users should ensure to enter a unique name for each instance, as identical named maps will be overwritten by subsequent applications of the function.


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TIP: Game engines likely display vertex color maps differently than MODO does. It is therefore recommended users test geometry in their target application to ensure the expected results.



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