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The 'Separate' brush moves adjoining fibers or guides apart from each other with a falloff based on the brush shape and strength. By holding down the 'Crtl' key, the user can reverse the separate function and gather the fibers closer together. The Fur brush can be combined with the 'Tips' to further customize how the brush styles the fur. The 'Separate' tool can be found in the 'Hair Tools' subtab of the toolbox, found in the 'Paint' tab of the interface. When selected, the following attributes display in the Properties viewport.

Original   Push
On the left, guides are separated by the brush, on the right the guides are gathered.

Hair: Separate--

Sculpt MaskOffset Amount: The 'Offset Amount' value determines the strength of the brush stroke. Higher values will have a greater influence over the fibers than lower values.

Edit Fur Map: Users can style fur by way of a Fur Vector Map, providing a means to control combing direction and length with an image map, producing very detailed results. All that is necessary is a Fur Layer in the Shader Tree and a Floating Point image (such as EXR) with the layer effect set to 'Fur Vector'. Generally, the fur styling tools are meant to edit Guides, in order to edit the associated fur map, users need to enable the 'Edit Fur Map' option.



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