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The Weight Adjust Tool lets users adjust the Vertex Map Weight percentage. This gives users control over edge weighting values. Weight maps are discontinuous 1D Vertex maps holding weight percentage values. These vertex maps can be used to modulate the strength of deformers when applied to animated characters, controlling the strength of tools when combined with a weight falloff operator and as a way to control edge creasing for Subdivision Surface geometry. When a 3D viewport is set to a Vertex Map shaded mode, weight shading (hot to cold=red>green>blue) is visible in the viewport.

In order to use the Weight Tool, user will first need to select the appropriate Map in the Vertex Map lists viewport. Adjustments will only apply to selected vertices.

Weight Tool PanelVertex Map Weight--

Weight: This value input field displays the currently applied Weight value. Users can adjust this interactively by hauling in the 3D viewport with the tool active, receiving real-time feedback of the adjusted values. Users may also enter a Weight Value directly into the input field and simply LMB+click in the viewport to apply the value to the selected vertices.

Additive: When this option is enabled, Weight Value adjustments will be additive to those preexisting on the map. When disabled, values will replace those previously in the map.

Show Weight: When enabled, displays numeric readout of Weight Values for each vertex position.

Normalize: When enabled,, will normalize (equalize) weights between multiple weight maps assigned to joints.

Fine Steps: When enabled, controls the strength of the application of the weight tool allowing finer, more precise adjustments.

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TIP: The Weight Tool plays nicely with all the Falloff types. Try using the Linear Falloff with the Weight Tool to blend your creases into the rest of the model.



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