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Vertex Map List

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The Vertex Map List view lists vertex maps for the current mesh in groups: UV, Weight, Morph, and Other. The "Other" list includes the type of the vertex map as well as just the name. The list of maps available is the union of the named maps in all the active (selected) meshes.

From within the Vertex Map list viewport you can select (new map) regardless of the viewport size. If the viewport is compressed such that you are presented with a single or multiple pop-ups, you will find the (new map) option inside the pop-up. If you accidentally choose (new map) from the wrong map type pop-up, you can simply change the map type on the new map requester that appears when creating a new map. When the viewport is expanded to its full size, expanding any of the vertex map types in the list will present you with the (new map) option. Again, selecting this option in the list will open the Create New Vertex Map requestor.

When working in the vertex map viewport, the current selection is maintained even when selecting new mesh layers, if each layer contains a vertex map with the same name. For instance, if you have a mesh layer with a texture map named "SteelMap" selected in the vertex map list, changing layers to another mesh that also has a texture map with the same name will automatically select that vertex map. This is very handy when working on objects that have been broken up against multiple layers.

When the Vertex Map List viewport's size is changed, it will automatically change its appearance so that the viewport is more appropriately displayed for the space available. The viewport has 3 size settings: Compact, Medium, and Expanded.

Vertex List Compact

Compact: The viewport is minimally displayed as a list of four buttons W,T,M, and O (Weights, Textures, Morphs, Other) next to a pop-up list. The four buttons allows you to quickly set a filter for the pop-up list. If W is selected, the pop-up list will display all Weight Vertex Maps in the current mesh layer. To see the list of Texture maps, you would click on the T button and so forth. The "Other" vertex map list contains color vertex maps as well as Pick maps or custom vertex maps added by 3rd party extensions or foreign data formats.


Vertex List Medium

Medium: The viewport is displayed as four pop-ups stacked vertically. The type of vertex map is clearly labeled next to each pop-up.


Vertex List Full

Expanded: The viewport is displayed as a tree with four categories with expand/contract widgets on the left side of the text. In this view it is possible to view and select multiple vertex maps from the four vertex map groupings.



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