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Smooth Vertex Map

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MODO provides a vertex map smoothing tool useful in softening/blurring the values in a vertex map. This is useful when applied to Weight Maps as well as Vertex Color maps. When applied to a Vertex Color map generated with illumination baking, this can produce a look similar to global illumination, but applicable to real time uses such as in games.

V Map Color   V MAp Color Blur

To apply, users must first have a base vertex maps of the proper type present, either a 'Weight Map' or a 'Vertex Color Map'. The smooth tool has no affect on either UV or Morph maps. Next, users need to make sure the viewport is set to the 'Vertex Map' display mode, with the target map selected, so that the affect of interactive editing is visible. Then activate the tool found in the menu bar under "Vertex Map > Smooth Tool". In the tools properties panel, select the named map to edit in the 'Source Map' and adjust the size of the blur with the 'Count' option. Hauling (LMB+click and dragging) in the viewport will interactively adjust the strength of the blur with the 'Amount' value. Simply drop the tool by pressing the 'Q' key to accept the changes when finished.

V Map Smooth PanelVertex Map Smooth

Source Map: The 'Source Map' popup menu defines the target vertex map for editing.

Amount: The 'Amount' setting adjusts the overall strength of the blurring affect on the map.

Count: The 'Count' option defines the size of the blur, across the number of adjacent vertices. A value of '1' will average one adjacent vertices with each vertex, a value of '2' averages two vertices and so on.



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