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Painting Brush Reference

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Painting in MODO is an intuitive blend of 2D and 3D painting techniques, where users can paint onto any bitmap image map within any of the GL viewports. The brushes for painting can be found in the 'Paint' tab of the interface, where a focused collection of tools and useful commands are located dedicated to the painting and sculpting functionality. The tools may also be called from the menu bar, under the "Texture > Paint Tools" menu. Invoking any of the tools will display the associated properties in the appropriate viewport panel. To paint, users will need to select both a Tool (brush) and a 'Tip' which designates how the brush itself applies the color. When working with a mouse, users can simply LMB+drag over the surface to apply the stroke. The LMB click is applied automatically when using a pressure sensitive stylus and tablet. Users may also RMB+click and drag in the viewport to interactively scale the size of the brush tip.

Painting Tools
Cube Icon Airbrush Sphere Icon Clone Sphere Icon Radial Gradient Torus Icon Blur
Sphere Icon Paintbrush Cone Icon Line Sphere Icon Linear Gradient Sphere Icon Sharpen
Sphere Icon Eraser Cylinder Icon Fill Capsule Icon Smudge Sphere Icon Lasso




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