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Set Vertex Map Name

Home >> The MODO Toolbox >> Vertex Mapping >> Name...

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This option allows users to easily rename Vertex maps. Users simply need to select the target Vertex map, and choose the menu bar command "Name", where a dialog box will open providing several optiosn for users.

VMap rename dialogue

Vertex Map Name: Users can enter a unique identifying name for the Vertex Map here, this name will replace the current name for selected (highlighted) vertex maps.

Vertex Map Type: When renaming a vertex map, MODO automatically chooses the appropriate map type based on the map being renamed.

Layer: Users can choose wether to rename only the foreground items Vertex Map when set to 'Active', or the background items when set to 'Inactive'. Choosing the 'Both' option renames the current vertex map for all visible items (Only when layer Items share identical map names).



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