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The 'Background to Morph' function can take geometry in a background layer and applies its vertex positions to the foreground layer as a morph map. For the best results, both the Target and Source meshes should have the same number of vertices in the same winding order. This function works great to combine a multi-mesh morph from an external app, into MODO's native single mesh with a morph deformer. The single control allows users to choose the source mesh to base the morph off of. Users will need to create and select a Morph map before invoking the tool.

Apply Morph

Source Mesh: This pop-up option allows users to choose either 'Background' where the visible background layer will be define the vertex positions for the morph map, or the layer directly below the active layer in the case of multiple backgrounds item layers. For 'Last Selected', MODO takes the last selected item layer in the history stack into account when selecting the source.



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