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The Tack Tool allows you to quickly move and rotate a polygon and/or all connected vertices to any other polygon in the model. To use the tool simply choose a single polygon in the mesh you wish to move and re-align. With the tool active, click on another polygon in your project. The initial mesh will move and rotate so that the selected polygon is aligned to the polygon that you clicked on.

Tack Tool PanelOptions for the tool are:

Center: This triplet is automatically set with each click of the tool. The value will represent the 3D coordinates of the element clicked on. After the value has been set automatically it is possible to edit the values directly to move the mesh on any of the three axes.

Align: With this option active the mesh is moved and rotated to align to the surface normal of the target element. Disabling this option will result in the mesh only moving to the target element.

Rotate: This triplet is automatically set with each click of the tool but only when the Align option is active. After the value has been set automatically it can be manually edited to offset the rotation from the element normal.

Offset: Users may use this value to determine an offset distance perpendicular to the surface geometry is tacked on to.

Size: Users may use this value to scale the tacked geometry.

Move connected vertices: By default this option is active so that the selected polygon and all connected vertices will be moved and aligned to the target element. When this option is disabled only the selected polygon will be transformed.

Move to Closest Element: Snaps the geometry centered onto the closest component element -polygon, edge or vertex.

Copy Geometry: Duplicates the geometry when tacking instead of simply moving the original. Simultaneously holding down 'Shift' when clicking will make a copy per mouse click.

Make Bridge: When this setting is enabled, MODO will attempt a Bridge operation between the selected polygon and the polygon the user clicked to tack the object, making a single connected mesh from the two surfaces.


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Cindy Groves April 26, 2014 at 9:56 PM

I found that shift-clicking with Copy Geometry on causes an extra copy to be made per mouse click. Middle-clicking creates only one copy per click instead of two.

Cindy Groves April 15, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Also, left-clicking and dragging a mesh will scale the mesh as you drag. If you don't want the scale to change, just left-click without dragging.


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