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Center Commands

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MODO offers a number of centering commands that allow users to quickly Center a geometry selection at the world origin (0,0,0) position. The commands can be found in the modeling tabs under the basic subtab - 'Center Selection'. Clicking the menu button provides a popup with options that constrain to specific axes, or 'All'. The commands can also be invoked from the menu bar 'Edit > Center Selected'. There is no dialog box or user specified setting for these commands.
The behavior of Center depends on the selected data and the command arguments used. If a single vertex is selected, Center will move the vertex to position 0 for the defined axis (or axes). When an edge is selected the center point of the edge will be placed at the centered axis (or axes). With a polygon selected the polygon will be moved so that the center of the polygon rests at the center of the defined axis (or axes). When there are more than one vertex, edge or polygon selected, the center of the bounding volume of that selection will be placed at the center of the defined axis (or axes).
The Center commands are meant to work on component selections. Should users wish to center an item while in item mode, they should use the 'Reset' function available in the items properties, returning that item layers center to the world origin. Users should note that this will only center the item itself, and will not modify the geometry within the item layer.

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IMPORTANT: If users apply the Center commands to a mesh item that already has a transformation applied, it is recommended the user also apply the freeze option in the items properties panel, returning its center to the world origin. If they don't, strange behavior will likely occur.



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