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Array PanelFound on the Duplicate Tab of the MODO Tools toobar, the Array tool creates copies of the currently selected geometry in an ordered pattern.

Holding the Alt key before clicking the tool active will convert the tool into an Instance Array generator which will create instances of the mesh in the array rather than creating new geometry in the existing layer.

To set the number of copies in the array, adjust the Count X,Y, and Z values in the Tool Properties > Array section.

The Offset settings allow you to control the distance from the original geometry to the copies created by the tool. This value can be controlled directly on the property form or by using the handles in the 3D viewport.

The Jitter controls allow some random variation to be added to any of the three axes (X,Y or Z). Each copied mesh will be positioned with the offset and a random variation using the Jitter distance as the maximum possible offset variation.

The Scale XYZ values allow you to have the cloned geometry be scaled differently than the original.

The 'Between' option, when enabled will allow users to define a first position and a last position and the rest of the copies will be generated between the exisiting copies.

Replace Source will delete the original geometry and replace it with a copy of the geometry made by the tool. This is very useful if you are using any Jitter or Scale values other than the defaults.









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