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Vertex Bevel

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Vertex Bevel replaces each selected vertex with 3 vertices which are moved away from the original position. The Roundness option will generate more vertices to create a rounding effect.

This tool is accessed from the Vertex Tab of the MODO Tools toolbar. If you select vertices you can also select this tool from the Geometry menu > Bevel option. Unlike Bevel Polygon, only a single handle is available when beveling vertices.

Vertex Bevel PanelThe tools options include:

Inset: This value determines the distance of the generated vertices from the original vertex location.

Use Material: With this option on all new polygons created will automatically be assigned a Material polygon tag. The Material name is chosen from the popup just beneath this control.

Material Name: This popup is only active when the Use Material flag is enabled. Use this popup to choose any Material names that already exist in the project and this will be assigned to all polygons created by the bevel operation.

Round Level: Increasing this value will add additional vertices to the newly created edges and apply a rounding effect.




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