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Polygon Reduce

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Polygon ReduceThe Reduction tool works by iteratively removing edges from the mesh while trying to maintain as much of the original contouring as possible. There are three options to the tool: Number, Boundary Weight and Material Border Weight.

Number: When the tool is first activated this field will contain the total number of polygons in the currently visible mesh layer. Clicking and dragging will adjust this number in the tools property and in the mesh. Of course, you can also simply type in the exact number of polygons into the property field.

Boundary Weight: Determines how much emphasis should be given to preserving the details around boundary areas of the mesh.

Material Border Weight: Determines how much emphasis should be given to using polygons to preserve the integrity and detail of the mesh along edges which define a boundary between materials groups.

Legacy Mode: The default method of polygon reduction is based on Quadric Error Matrices, producing better overall surface quality. Older versions of MODO used an alternative edge evaluation method. Users can enable 'Legacy Mode' and evaluate the differences between the two algorithms determining which method they prefer.



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