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Polygon Extrude

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Polygon Extrude PanelPolygon Extrusion: Found on the Mesh Edit tab of the MODO Tools toolbar, polygon extrusion repositions the selected polygon in space, based on the three tool handles. Additional polygon surfaces are created between the new location of the polygon and the original location of the selected faces.

Use the Sides field to control the number of loops created with the polygon extrusion.

Use the Extents fields to precisely reposition the extruded polygon.

The Make UVs option allows you to control if the tool creates UVs for the new polygons in the existing space or fans them out on the U or V axis.

The Mode setting is set to Auto by default. In this mode the tool will evaluate the geometry to determine if it should remove the original selected polygon after the extrusion. In that case the tool automatically chose the "Shift" mode. In the case of a mesh where that polygon would be left "inside", the tool will remove it. If the selected polygon(s) are single sided and will not be encased by existing geometry the tool will leave the polygons in question in place. In this case the tool automatically set itself to "Thick". You can override this behavior by simply setting the tool into one of these modes directly.




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