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The Clip List (also known as Image List) viewport provides direct access to all images loaded into MODO organized by scene. Different sizes of the viewport will display the information differently. In the smallest compact view, users can select particular images and add images to the list using the 'Add Clip' button. Hovering the mouse over the edge of the frame and LMB+click dragging the frame resizes it reveals larger views. The small list only displays the current image, but when clicked opens a gallery browser for navigating and adding images. At full size the list view shows the image by name, includes an icon of the image for visual reference and has data about the resolution and format of the image. Users can also select a 'Gallery' view from the viewport widget, choosing the 'Viewport Settings' menu. In the case of a viewport tab, the Options menu is available by RMB+click on the tab name itself. The menu also offers some additional options for the sizing of the icons while in gallery mode. Additionally, the gallery mode has a slider across the top of the viewport where users can resize the icon images interactively.

Image Tiny
Clip List Compact
Image List Medium
Clip List Small
Image List Full Size
Clip List Full Size
Clip List Gallery
Clip List Gallery

The 'Add Clip' button provides users commands for not only loading still image and image sequences, but for creating blanks new images/sequences, saving users a trip to an external image editor. Selecting any of the commands opens an OS specific dialog box where users can navigate to a folder and either load or save the image, depending on the operation chosen.

Double clicking on an image in the viewer will open it in a Preview window set to 'Clips' so you can view the image at a larger resolution. RMB+clicking on an image provides the image item context menu with a variety of options--

Rename: Renames the current image. This new name only affect the reference name in MODO and does not rename the file itself.

Delete: Removes the image from the scene. If the image is applied to a surface, MODO will popup a requester stating that the images is in use and asking if you are sure you want to remove the image.

Reload: This command reloads the image as saved to disk. Useful for when edits made in an external app don't trigger MODO to reload it automatically.

Replace as Still: Will replace all instances of the current image/sequence in the scene with a new still image loaded from disc.

Replace as Sequence: Will replace all instances of the current image/sequence in the scene with a new image sequence loaded from disc.

Save: Saves the current image to disc, overwriting the previous version. Use this command to save any changes made to images using MODO's painting and sculpting tools.

Save As: Saves the current still image to a new location and/or name.

Save Sequence As: Saves the current image sequence to a new location and/or name.








Image preview Pane

Users can see a preview of any image in MODO by simply LMB+double click on any image in the image list/clips browser. This opens an 'Image Preview' pane. Users can move around the image using the navigation widgets in the upper right corner. Simply 'LMB+Click drag to operate. Alternatively, users can use the keyboard shortcuts; 'Alt+LMB click drag' to pan, and 'Shift+Alt+LMB click drag' to zoom. To close the palette, users can click the OS specific window close mechanism, or by LMB+double click on the initial image again.




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