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The Clone tool will create duplicates of the currently selected geometry in a linear offset determined by user input. Clone can be accessed on the Duplicate tab of the MODO Tools toolbar, or by choosing Geometry > Create > Clone. The tool is controlled by the following settings.

Clone PanelClone--

Number of Clones: This numeric value determines the number of copies of the original geometry to be created.

Offset XYZ: These distance values determine how far each clone is from the previous. Setting this value to 1 meter would place each successive cloned object 1 meter away from the previous clone or the original geometry in the case of the first clone.

Scale XYZ: These three percentage settings control the relative size of each clone to the one before it. Setting the value to 50% would force each clone to be half the size of the previous.

Rotate XYZ: The rotate control allows you to set a rotational value in degrees for each of the three axes. This rotation amount will be applied to each clone. This can be very useful for creating objects such as spiral staircases etc.

Replace Source: This toggle option will cause the tool to delete and replace the original source geometry. This can be very useful when using scale and rotation values.








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